Starship Adventure is an action-oriented science fiction tabletop RPG. Characters use special powers, skills, and talents to overcome obstacles and challenges while they explore a classic sci-fi future. Inspired by games and settings such as Battletech, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, to video games like Faster Than Light and Bridge Simulator, the Starship Adventure is a game rich in imaginative space.

Starship Adventure is a highly cinematic game and will give you the tools to write whatever style of story you wish. The game encourages strong teamwork both while manning the bridge of your ship and while on the ground. In the event of a boarding party or other transitions from space to the ground or to personal, the combat rules are universal and will transition cleanly from one to another.

The game is also designed so that new players can easily get started. A lot of what you see in Starship Adventure will look very familiar, this has been done on purpose. The rules you will see within this book are written in a very straightforward and clear way without hampering creativity or overburdening a player with knowing everything. Starship Adventure provides flexibility, narration and creativity while creating a strong sense of internal logic and constraints.