Garoon Xel War

When the Garoon brought war to the Xel it was like nothing the near-Earth sector had ever witnessed. The technological superiority of the Xel was well known, a highly intelligent species having mastered both warp and antimatter technologies. The Xel systems were thought to be impenetrable fortresses, massive starbases and ships fortified their worlds, armed with some of the most powerful shields, and devastating weapons known to the near-Earth sector. Everyone believed them unconquerable, except for the Garoon.

The greatest weakness in the Xel defensive network was not a technological flaw or defect, but the Xel themselves. The Garoon, evolved from predators, could see the Xel as the prey animals they where. With a unification of the great houses of Kaldol the Garoon armed with vastly inferior technology struck the Xel. In their first manuver, the Garoon using the events of the Fracture, launched vessels from the Sol system, appearing as human refugees into the Xel territory. Leaving their power cores leaking dangerous radiation, and their communications systems damaged, the Xel fell into the trap. Unable to scan the vessels they quickly brought several of them aboard in order to provide assistance to what they thought were their human neighbors. Without warning hundreds Garoon flooded out from rescue, clad in powered armor, armed with simple gauss weapons and mono blades, the Garoon struck quickly, slaughtering the entire crew. The Garoon sent out a distress signal from the captured warship in order to lure the nearby Xel fleet into another trap. The Xel quickly sent in their fleet to fend off what was at the time an unknown attacker. The battle was devastating for both sides, Xel ships were vastly superior, however, the Garoons were vicious, decisive and tactical.

The Xel were always slow to respond and adapt, and the Garoon knew this. In the early conflicts, Garoon Vashal fighters would distract the main batteries of the Xel vessels, weapons fire would be wasted in vain attempts to hit fast moving fighters. More devastating was when the Garoon fighters would maneuver to trick the Xel warship into accidentally striking each other with weapons fire. The Xel's response to this tactic proved to be an even greater disaster. Their ships weapons controls where all reprogrammed to not fire in the event that a friendly ship may be struck. This tactical blunder provided highly predictable safe zones for Garoon ships to maneuver with no fear of weapons fire, and numerous Xel warships were captured.

The war raged on for 3 Earth years, included 3 false treaties and the miraculous creation of the first androids. With each false treaty the Garoon used this to their advantage and struck another blow against the Xel. The Garoons final siege of Xel prime lasted for hours as the Xel hid in their bunkers terrified, uncertain of their the fate which awaited them, while their android soldiers fought for them above. When the fighting stopped, this single transmission was played on repeat. “Rejoice, for your long war is over and you have nothing left to fear. We bring you no false peace, but the promise of safety as the servants of the Garoon Empire. Report to any Garoon soldier for further instructions in your new role in our glorious Empire.” -One Eye, House Tor.

The Xel were defeated, there was no resistance movement, no rebellion, and the Garoon made good on their promise of peace. The Xel culture was destroyed, and their people put to work rebuilding their conquered homeworld. The Garoon, never having a high population was devastated and it would take decades bring their numbers back up. The Xel took to slavery too well, their people easily pacified by the basic comfort of large family units and a sense of safety. Unlike their creators the androids created by the Xel continued to resist Garoon rule, and all of them were destroyed. The Garoon with little interest in this difficult and expensive technology sold it to anyone who would buy it. Now after a long recovery the Garoon Empire with powerful Xel technology has emerged from its hibernation, ready to strike at the next prey it finds.