The Fracture

Without warning the Fracture struck the Earth. In the first moment of the Fracture 9.5 billion human lives were snuffed out. Those in nearby starships describe a “psychic scream” as most of the life on Earth came to a violent end. It is said that the Earth was nothing but a hellscape, by the first vessels to arrive. Giant fissures hundreds of kilometers wide billowed toxic gas and lava, the sky red like blood as the water boiled from the surface. Mass panic ripped through the Earth as the survivors clawed and clamored into spaceports and desperately attempted to free themselves from the fate of their doomed world. Desperate the humans who made it to spacefaring vessels launched themselves into space aboard anything which would take flight. Through the ash and the poison clogging few escaped the dying Earth as their engines clogged and their bulkheads tore apart bringing those who would flee, crashing back to the ground to die with their world.
The time after the Fracture was that of chaos and madness. Humans fled to the safer areas of the world, murder, pillage, warlords and violence the worse aspects of humanity took hold. As the Earth died even these safe zones did last for long, resources dwindled and whatever social order which had been established crumbled. Many did not hold onto the hope of a safe zone or rescue, but instead turned to madness. Cults sprang up throughout the world worshiping demons and dark gods alike. Those who abandoned all hope sought to hasten the destruction of the Earth one human life at a time.

While most humans sought only to survive one more day, a small population of humans thought only of fighting back the destruction and saving the Earth from its death. These people lead by a man known as Damian Bell ventured to the fissures many of them selflessly and heroically losing their lives, in order to save those who didn't even know they existed. None thought the world would have been saved, but the ancestors of the Earth Federation accomplished the impossible. Those who were selfish living in the safe zones all perished, the ones who sacrificed so much to save the world survived.

The Fracture is an event which shaped the universe in a profound and unique way, the game master is free to leave the cause of the Fracture a mystery or to develop a cause and solution to the events, or even make the campaign set on the dying Earth.

Some possible causes of the fracture,
Supernatural forces.
Giant alien hatching using the earth and an incubator.
Scour or Xel super weapon