Fully independent and sapient artificial life forms, android are both rare and sophisticated. Some of the first android created in the near-Earth sector of space, where designed and developed by the Xel.

During the Garoon Xel war the Xel, despite having powerful minds had no concept of warfare or conflict. Their extreme technological superiority was unable to prevent them from being completely outmaneuvered by the Garoon during the war. Near the end of the war, the Xel created android technology in order to develop new generals and soldiers capable of matching the Garoon both tactically and strategically. Despite this technological marvel Xel android were still no match for the decades of experience and killer instinct posed by the Garoon. With the fall of Xel, most Xel android were destroyed, many fled. Some formed colonies away from others and are known to reproduce by creating new android. Xel android are large and intimidating, standing roughly 2 meters tall, and physically powerful. However, due to their constructed designed android are the most diverse species found in the universe. Android technology has spread and is widely available, however android are still very rare, due to their cost and difficulty in construction. Unlike a simple robot or computer, android are not fully programmable and are forced to learn through experience just as most lifeforms. Even rarer are “biodroid,” artificially created life forms composed entirely of organic material, biodroid use the same rules and android constructed from inorganic materials. In the near-Earth sector of space, the species most common to create android are Skoogl and Humans.