One of Earths closest neighbors from the world of Kaldol in the Gliese system, Garoon are an aggressive empire with a strong cast systems. These bipedal human like aliens are thought to have evolved from pack structured apex predators similar to lions or wolves found on earth. Garoon anatomy is rather unique, every bone and epithelial layer contains a single layer of graphene, giving them tremendous durability, and the ability to even survive unprotected blasts from powerful energy weapons. Garoon vision is that of a predator, they are red green color blind and visual corrective treatments are virtually unheard of, additionally all Garoon are able to see in extreme darkness. Garoon have a mediocre sense of aesthetics and artists are rare, yet highly regarded in their culture.  Despite their notoriously  poor sense of taste, Garoon cooking still remains palatable to aliens. Much to the amusement of humans and Skoogl, Garoon can not tolerate the painful effects of capsaicin or other spicy dishes. Their features often times described as demonic or vampiric, and tend to be overly sharp and exaggerated. With the exception of a mane like beards on an unshaven Garoon male, they do not display a great degree of sexual dimorphism. Female Garoon have the same rights authority and privilege in Garoon society and the concept of sexism is completely alien to them. The Garoon lifespan is typically 80 Earth years, however they reach full maturity within 10 years and stay at the prime of their lives until they reach the age of 70. Despite rapidly maturing, Garoon reproduce slowly. Unlike humans and Skoogl Garoon do not find enjoyment in their physical relationships, and female Garoon are only fertile once every 2 to 4 Earth years, this leaves the Garoon with a relatively small population compared to other species.

The Garoon Empire is divided up into feudal republic, worlds and territories are controlled and defended by both greater and lesser noble houses. As a species they are highly imperialistic, and each noble house desires to conquer and enslave alien worlds. Garoon define themselves by their own personal deeds and the honor that wealth, conflict and conquest brings to their family. These noble houses are prone to tenuous alliances among each other with small internal conflicts frequently flaring up. The Kaldol senate is a complex system with the authority and voting rights of each noble house in constant fluctuation. Garoon are scientifically quite advanced, Garoon scientists who create weapons of war, share in profit and influence gained from those weapons. However much of the scientific advancement within the Garoon Empire has been stolen from the nearby alien species known as the Xel. The Xel are timid small gray skinned aliens, known for visiting Earth in the 1940s-1980s. Despite their technological superiority, the Xel have no concept of war, and where tactically out matched by the Garoon in almost every way. The Xel homeworld is currently occupied by the greater House Maldrin, House Tor and several of their lesser house allies.

House Tor

House Tor is lead by an elder known as One Eye, he who has lived consideriably longer than most Garoon and is 110 Earth years. House Tor controls The Northern continent of Kaldol and roughly half of the homeworld of the Xel. House Tor is known for being brilliant but extremely aggressive tacticians.

House Maldrin

Lead by Lady Salin house Maldrin has an uneasy relationship with House Tor. As two of the most powerful houses within the Garoon Empire there are frequent incidences with deep space conflicts between their warships. House Maldrin is one of the oldest houses, whose origin dates back 2000 Earth years.

House Idok

House Idok is rules by the savage and bloodthirsty Lady Raal. House Idok is known for being dangerous and unpredictable, having committed the only act of scorched world in Garoon history. This act of destroying a world has made House Idok a pariah, and it has been falling out of favor. House Idok is known for savagery and treachery.

House Eio

Known for creating technologically advanced weapons, house Eio has as many allies as it does those who covet their wealth. Eio has less land than the other greater houses, but has the absolute best manufacturing facilities in the entire empire. House Eio is lead by Lady Ladik, a woman with a powerful mind and features considered stunning even by human standards.