In 2050 Earth, humankind has achieved faster than light travel, the alcubierre drive theory had become a reality. Using artificial fields of force and harnessing the gravitational pull of stars on one another to generate Casmir-Polder force, these gravity well drives allowed humans to travel to distant stars through 10 light year warps at a time. With the vastness of space before them, conflicts among the countries of Earth cooled, as each one sought to discover and colonize their own piece of the galaxy. It appeared as if peace on Earth would be a reality, but suddenly the Armageddon known as Humankind did not die with its home world; it flourished in spite of it. Disparate human cultures continued on alien worlds, some barely eking out an existence, others thriving creating new governments and empires. Due to exposure to exotic and unpredictable forces, humans exhibit considerably more telepathic and extra sensory talents than Terrans. Outside of the Earth Federation, there are three predominant human civilizations.

The Republic of Tzu, named after the great leader Sun Tzu founded by the United States Chinese Galactic Confederacy. The home world of Tzu, formerly known as Seti V, a lush verdant world populated by a vicious native species, known only as the Fallen Ones. After The Fracture and the destruction of both the United States and Chines governments, the planet of Seti V was cut off from all aid and support, the Fallen began to quickly overturn defensive installations and slaughter settlements. A nameless hero appeared out of seemly nowhere, leading their people to victory after victory over the Fallen Ones. This great leader never gave their name, and the people began to declare they where the reincarnation of the Great Chinese general Sun Tzu. After the Fallen had been purged from Seti V, the nameless hero faded away never to be seen again. Those that remained founded the Republic of Tzu and changed the name of Seti V to the World of Tzu. The Republic of Tzu is a forward thinking democracy, rich in culture from both United States and Chinese, with a great deal of harmony among its population. The Republic of Tzu maintains a good relationship with the Earth Federation and most of its Neighbors.

The Empire of Mankind is an oppressive totalitarian society. Originally founded by a corporate entity from Earth, the Empire of Mankind is a fascist government existing on the edge of explored space. On it’s numerous worlds some of the worse aspects of humanity can be witnessed, greed, oppression of the weak, sexism, xenophobia, unchecked military expansion and even genocide. The Empire of Mankind possesses a massive and powerful industrial base and many mineral rich worlds are under its control. Despite a Fascist style of government, the free market reigns supreme and unchecked by morality or regulation. The wealthy are incredibly wealthy and the poor, crushingly poor. Despite its incredible mineral wealth, the Empire of Mankind has become technologically stagnant, falling back on using overwhelming force and colossal Starships several times the size of any other seen in the near-Earth sector of the galaxy. Considerable tension exists between the Empire of Mankind and its ideological antithesis.

Menoculous Monarchy, a series of worlds ruled exclusively by psychic and supernatural feudal lords and Ladies. The Menoculous Monarchy exists in a cluster of three different star system all less than 2 light years of one another, and a full 10 light years from their closest neighbor. The star systems that make up Menoculous have more naturally inhabitable planets than anywhere else in the near-Earth Sector of Space. These worlds are often subject to unusual and unpredictable supernatural phenomenon. After a century of catastrophic problems a feudal culture emerged, with psychics and mystics mirroring ancient knights and lords of the dark ages. The Menoculous Monarchy is an extraordinarily exotic but somewhat dangerous place and is ruled by the beloved by aloof Queen Ardiana Altaris. It is said Ardiana is not only the most beautiful of all humans that will ever exist, but the most horrifying. She is roughly 150 years old but appears to be in her late 20s, and is believed by many to be immortal. The Menoculous Monarchy is isolated from most of it’s neighbors by distance and danger, this does not stop from formal diplomatic relationships with its neighbors.