The Quadreillian are a four-armed, two-legged species with a range of skin tone from lavender to blue. Due to their tough skin and splender appendages Quadreillian are often mistaken for insects. Despite consuming only fruit pollen and nectaring bodies, Quadreillian are powerful, proud, but rigid warriors with a strong tradition of martial prowess. A extremely spiritual people Quadreillian are highly ritualistic, archiological evidence has suggested numerous supernatural and alien events have occurred on Quadroo throuout the centuries. In the early years of the Earth Federation, the homeworld of the Quadreillians, Quadroo was menaced with a great disaster. The Federation rushed to the aid of the Quadreillians. The aid mission cost hundreds of lives and dozens of ships. However, Quadroo was saved. The Circle of Elders elected to peacefully join the Earth Federation as a show of gratitude and respect for the honorable sacrifice of the people of Earth.

Every few years Quadrellion engage in elaborate mating rituals. Quadrellion tradition dictates that the females lay a clutch of 80 to 100 eggs in a the wilde of Qualoo. Quadrellion hatchlings are very small, only 2 centimetres in length. Small, multi segmented bodies, 12 legs, sharp claws, exoskeletons, venomous stinging tails and voracious carnivores appetites juvenile Quadrellion are almost nothing like their adult counterpart. The Quadrellion young, are dangerous and feral, continuously feeding and growing, they frequently and rapidly shed their exoskeleton, growing to roughly 1 meter in length. After the equivalent of 8 earth months, the juvenile builds a cocoon. Inside this fibrous cocoon, their libs fuse from 12 to 6, their tails typically recede into their body reinforcing their central nervous system, their exoskeleton becomes internal, and they grow their first skin. Adult Quadrellion make regular trips to retrieve these cocoons and bring them to a safe place to hatch. Retrieval of these cocoons serves 2 are worthy to join society, and to prevent adult Quadrellion from remaining feral.

The trials endured by Quadrellion youth result in nearly a 99% motility rate. Quadrellion have a considerable amount of mutations and diversity however, birth defects are almost nonexistent among Quadrellion. Very rarely a Quadrellion with a birth defect will survive to adulthood, these almost always have some form of extrasensory abilities.

Often times mutations are not crippling and some are rather common. The most commonly seen mutation is when their tail remains through the cocooning, typically their spines are less rigid and they have a stooped posture and have better flexibility. Less common are adults with sharp