Skoogl. Resembling 1.5 meter long slugs, Skoogl have a somewhat deserved reputation as opportunistic smugglers, merchants, and traders. Stereotypically they are selfish, valuing monetary gain over all things. The Skoogl diet is typically rotting vegetable matter and soft insect like creatures. As a result of evolutionary necessity Skoogl have nearly nonexistant senses of taste and a very poor sense of smell. This has caused numerous Skoogl business ventures aimed at food manufacturing and services to be doomed to fail. The exception to these failed attempts is the galactically famous Engorged Humanoid Matriarch's, Nutrigel. This concoction, created from materials unknown, is as healthy as it is unappetizing with the look and texture of silicone caulk. Even though Nutrigel can be consumed directly from toothpaste like tubes, it serves as a nearly ideal source of ran organic material for food replicators and food synthesizers. Skoogl have two distinct genders, with the males in total control of all aspects of society. Clothing in Skoogl culture is often gaudy and loud, worn only to impress and not for the purposes of modesty or protection. The average Skoogl is an incompetent warrior and a coward, and will often choose touse mercenaries to fight for them.

Skoogl mate frequently and lay a small clutch of eggs in well protected swamps. Wealthy Skoogl families will often have their own private marshes which they can safely raise their young. After a few months tadpole-like skoogl emerge from their eggs, there in the marshes young skoogl consume rotting vegetation and other detritus. At early infancy Skoogl skin is slimy and soft are able to absorb oxygen through their skin and breath air when needed. Until they reach the age of 5 Skoogl are not able to leave the marshes due to rapid dehydration and they lack the ability to move across the land. As they mature the Skoogl skill becomes considerably tougher and less slimy, adolescent Skoogl are still slimy to the touch, cannot breath under water but are able to move around outside of water with relative ease. As they reach adulthood Skoogl loses their slimy skin for a skin more suited for the rigors of moving across the ground. Adult Skoogl diet is not considerably different than that of juvinile Skoogl, but includes more bugs and often times rotting meat. Despite not being able to breath under water as adults, Skoogl are extremely talented swimmers, are able to control their buoyancy and are able to hold their breath for at least 10 minutes with ease.