After the events of The Fracture in the year 2100, Earth was nearly destroyed. Lead by Damian Bell, the humans who survived formed a new altruistic society. Within fifty years, the scorched Earth was healing, and the Earth Federation has been formed. Since then, Terrans have advanced dangerously fast in technology. Terrans possess the knowledge and capabilities of manufacturing and maintaining some of the most advanced materials and technologies of the near-Earth sector of space.

No human who survived the events of the Fracture has developed supernatural or psychic powers. This lack of supernatural ability has created a great deal of speculation among other cultures. There are several conspiracies theories about Terrans. One is that no human survived the Fracture and that Terrans really super advanced androids created to replicated life. Another is that the Fracture was a self-induced act of gene purging, leaving only the strongest alive to found the Earth Federation. Finally, some of the most superstitious believe Terrans are all soulless and cursed.

Despite being human, Terrans have significantly different values and culture. Only those who worked together survived the events of the Fracture and Terrans naturally favor teamwork and cohesion as opposed to individualism. As a culture, the Earth Federation seeks to create a cohesive peacefully universe and to coexist with those around it.

Terrans have an extreme lack of genetic diversity, many of them share similar features, and almost all men and many of the women develop full cranial baldness by the age of 40. Terrans are known for steely resolve, unflinching demeanor, and unwavering loyalty.